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AMO & Partners Engineering Company is a member of the Al-Othman Holding Company.
We, at AMO & Partners Engineering Company work hard with our clients to assure the satisfactory completion of awarded projects bounded with contracts reliability. Our commitment of high quality service to our clients is backed by our pool of very experienced professionals who have served in their respective fields for years and the testimony to their accomplishments are the range of successful projects in the region where they have been involved in one way or the other.
AMO & Partners Engineering Company is looking forward to provide its expertise to the International Engineering Consultancy Houses in the different engineering fields and technical services where the successful completion of the projects depends on the latest available standard and technology.
We offer Quality Control, Third Party Vendor Inspection and Expediting which are an integral part of Project Purchasing Activities for a wide range of new construction and maintenance services. Our services will ensure that purchased equipment will meet and satisfy the maximum expectation and requirement of the client.
AMO & Partners Engineering Company had been working hand in hand with well-established organizations dealing with scientific market evaluation, strategies and enhanced public relation.
Our strategic aim is to extend our operations in new areas of business and to be a partner with other established national and international technical organizations in order to firm up our participation in the vision of Economic Prosperity in the Region.

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AMO & partners Engineering Company was established to serve the vision of Al-Othman Holding Company which is to be a part in ensuring the region’s rise to Economic prosperity by providing a wide range of Engineering Services such as Architectural and Structural design, Engineering Consultation and project management. AMO & partners Engineering Company also provides Third party Inspection Services, AMO & partners Engineering Company is certified for both ISO9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

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Chairman of Al Othman Holding Company

Al Othman Holding Co.

Al-Othman Holding Group began their successful story back in 1967 as “Mohammed A. Al-Othman Trading & Contracting Est.” specialized in infrastructure projects. That establishment has now reached total manpower of 3,500 employees. At present “Al-Othman Holding Company” is a Group of companies engaged in investing in a broad array of activities which includes banking, insurance, agriculture, trading and manufacturing companies locally and internationally. AL-OTHAMN HOLDING COMPANY Vision: To Be One of The Key-Player in Supporting Saudi Arabia and The Gulf Region Economy. AL-OTHAMN HOLDING COMPANY Mission: We Are Dedicated in Providing Various Type of High Quality Product and Reliable Services, Considering their Impact on Supporting the Region’s Economy.

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AMO & Partners Engineering Company is pleased to offer its diverse know how, experience and capability in Design, Engineering and Supervision, Construction Project Management & supply of Technical Support Staff, in the areas of Power Development, Urban Development and Sector’s Projects. AMO & partners is very well established in providing Third Party inspection, we cover a wide range of vendor / Shop inspection and expediting services, never the less the latest NDT services in all major fields conventional and advance. Our wide range of services are active in two main fields, Inspection and Engineering, our services include but not limited to:

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Quality control, Third Part Vendor Inspection and Expediting are an integral part of project purchasing activities. We are offering wide range of services for new construction and maintenance service. Our service will ensure that purchased equipments will meet and satisfy maximum requirement of client. AMO & P Engineering Company functioning with well established organizational structures linked with scientific market evualation, strategies enhanced public relation. We are aiming to extend our operation activities with suitable allies with national and international organization. Also seeking to explore and extend new areas of business. Our services are delivering in the following areas, non-exhaustive to:

  • Vendor Inspection

    Vendor Inspection referred as Third party Inspection will covers various inspection activities at Vendors manufactures / suppliers / sub vendors / sub suppliers facility for all type of Mechanical ,Electrical and Instrumentation equipments or systems are purchased by client for petrochemical, oil & Gas refineries ,power plant etc but not limited. The scope offering sole coverage of vendor inspection for the whole project. Frequency of visit or the level of inspection as per Client Assigned Inspection Package and Project Quality Plane. Our Vendor Inspection covers following main areas but not limited. - Organizing Pre Inspection Meeting at Vendor’s / Sub Vendor’s facility. - Documents review at different stages of inspection such as Initial level, Mid-Level, Final Level. - All type of Inspection coverage for the Project at Vendor’s / Sub Vendor’s facilities. - Vendor’s / Sub Vendor’s Production Capability Study. - Final Release of Inspection items from Supplier’s / Sub Supplier’s Production Facility. - Pre Shipment Inspection coverage including Marking, Packing and Loading.

  • Field & Desk Expediting

    In procurement phase this activity functioning main role to meet delivery of Purchase Order items. In project Planning expediting is in corporate to ensure delivery of purchase order items on time basis. Expediting ensuring to both client as well as suppliers the status of purchase order items, its delivery, promised date of delivery, latest promised date of delivery etc. This can perform in accordance with the client request. Expediting service should be implemented independently of inspection activities and be carried out by experienced professional field expeditors who have sufficient understanding of the purchase order items / materials / equipments to enable them to work with the vendor / sub vendor to minimize the time frame for each manufacturing phase as much as is physically and financially possible. Our Expeditors are capable of expediting and controlling schedule matters of highly sophisticated items. Expeditors are able to coordinate critical schedule matters on management level. This can be attained by identifying outstanding/open punch list/potential problems that are hindering progress thereby causing delay or slippage from the promised schedule. Our Expediting Coordinator is capable of organizing, coordinating and planning expediting services. Able to review and evaluate production programs. Capable of handling high level negotiation. Can be able to tract down and produce retrieval. programs for the sophisticated items. Able to using complex relational data base or programs for monitoring material management or progress on major projects.

  • Our Specialty

    All of our Engineers / Inspectors are well qualified professionals with additional certification by national / international agency. Also they are specialist in their own areas. We have our own all type of formats for inspection and can use client reporting formats if applicable. We are providing in house training for our employees to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. All Clients / Projects are provided with dedicated office based inspection coordinator who is responsible for managing all call-offs received from that client in precise, timely and professional manner.

  • Vendor Inspection Disciplines

    The following are major areas of inspection we are offering but not limited - All Mechanical Systems. - Welding and NDE Examination service. - Electrical Systems. - Instrumentation systems. - Project Inspection in Project Quality Management Services.

  • Project Inspection in Project Quality Management Services

    AMO’s individual Quality Assurance & Quality Control services can combined to provide a Total Project Quality System in Project inspection services on behalf of our clients. We are offering our capability by supervising the nominated EPC (Engineering, Procurment and Construction) contractor during Engineering Design, Procurment and Construction Phase of Project.

  • Quality Management and Improvement (QMI)

    As the part of our employee quality improvement program, we are providing in house Training and Education for our Employees. We are offering and providing customer oriented and reliable in house training and education during the employment with our organization as below but not limited to : - ISO 9001: 2008 Standards Awareness training. - Expediting oriented training and awareness. - Fundamentals of Business Management (Supervisory and Management Skill, Crisis Management, Stress Management). - Fundamentals of Project Managements (Human resource management, Project Communication Management, Project Time Management, Project Quality Management). - Problems solving and decision making Capability training. - Training for Leadership Qualities, Team Building and Facilitation Skills. - Training about Organizing, Staffing, Planning (strategic, organizational, management systems, budgeting, resourse allocation, operational and tactical).

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Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

AMO provides complete range of non destructive examination services for welding inspection of pressure vessel, heat exchangers, boilers, piping systems & other process equipment. Our NDT inspectors are highly qualified, certified & well experienced to serve customer needs. OUR MAIN NDT SERVICES ARE:


    Radiography provides a powerful set of inspection tool for a wide variety of materials. The utilization of ionizing radiation allows objects to be scrutinized in depth. Radiographic testing processes involve the use of Ir 192 or Co 60 gamma ray sources to produce highly detailed film images for inspection. The advantages of radiography includes: inspection of a wide variety of material, ability to inspect assembled components, minimum surface preparation required, sensitivity to changes in thickness due to corrosion voids, cracks and material density, ability to detect both surface and subsurface defects and ability to provide a permanent record of the inspection. AMO follows excellent Radiation Safety Management system to virtually eliminate radiation hazards. We are licensed from the regulatory authority of Saudi Arabia to perform Gamma Radiography. All radiographic equipment at AMO are procured from Sentinel QSA Global – USA, which is known for the highest standards of quality & safety.


    Time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD) & Phased array (PAUT) are advanced methods of ultrasonic testing. They are sensitive and accurate methods for the nondestructive testing of welds & materials for defects. TOFD & PAUT are fast becoming the preferred methods for inspection of welds & detection of Corrosion. The speed and accuracy is unmatched by any other technique. They give Real time inspection results, Superior inspection reliability, reduced inspection time, accurate sizing & Reliable monitoring. TOFD & PAUT are widely used in several industrial sectors, such as fabrication of process equipment, piping systems, petrochemical & refinery plants . These methods are used to detect component failures i.e. cracks or flaws and thereby determine component quality. Due to the possibility to control parameters such as beam angle and focal distance, these methods are very efficient regarding the defect detection and speed of testing. Their main application area includes Inspection of Welds, corrosion & flaw detection. AMO Has highly qualified and experienced inspectors who are capable of performing TOFD/PAUT on all types of materials & welding configurations. All TOFD & PAUT equipment have been procured from Olympus – Canada, who is the market leader for advance UT equipment.


    Ultrasonic flaw detection is a fast and accurate inspection method to evaluate internal integrity of products. Ultrasound penetrates deeply into material, searching for defects, cracks, delamination, lack of bonding and other discontinuities. AMO has full range of portable flaw detectors & thickness gauging equipment. One of the most useful characteristics of ultrasonic testing is its ability to determine the exact position of a discontinuity in a weld. This testing method can be used on ferrous and nonferrous materials, is often suited for testing thicker sections accessible from one side only, and can often detect finer lines or planar defects which may not be as readily detected by radiographic testing. Ultrasonic thickness gauging is useful and productive tool to help improve safety and ensure reliability of equipment and Material subject to corrosion or erosion. AMO utilizes USM GO & DMS GO manufactured by GE inspection technology - USA. The USM GO has high ut performance in flaw detection with state-of-the-art electronics, including digital amplification, for a wide range of application . The DMS GO has been designed to provide improved reliability, accuracy and report ability of thickness readings in a wide range of applications.


    Magnetic particle testing is a non-destructive testing process for detecting surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and some of their alloys. The process puts a magnetic field into the part. The major advantage of MT includes: - Large surface areas of complex parts can be inspected rapidly. - Surface preparation is less critical than it is in penetrant inspection. - produces indications directly on the surface of the part and form an image of the discontinuity, It gives immediate indications. Liquid penetrant test or penetrant testing (PT), is a widely applied and low-cost inspection method used to locate surfacebreaking defects in all non-porous materials. PT is used to detect casting, forging and welding surface defects such as hairline cracks, surface porosity, leaks in new products, and fatigue cracks on in-service components. PT has high sensitivity to small surface discontinuities. It has few material limitations & large areas of parts/materials can be inspected rapidly and at low cost. It produces indication directly on the surface of the part and constitutes a visual representation of the flaw.

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Engineering Design (Architect, Structural, EMP and Safety) is the art and science of creating optimal, sustainable and beautiful environments for people. AMO’s design solutions result from a collaborative process that encourages our multidisciplinary teams to research alternatives, share knowledge and imagine new ways to solve the challenges of our built environment. Our Engineering Design responds to the needs and aspirations of our clients and communities. We give form and meaning to rooms, buildings, landscapes and cities — always balancing internal functions with external demands of site, climate and culture. Our multidiscipline areas cover the Following services:

  • Architects

    When it comes to building design AMO resolves the controversial equation of applying world standard designs along with best available expertise in the region. What sets us apart from others is that we serve our clients in an extensive and accurate manner that begins from concept and complete feasibility study and ends with exceeding of client’s expectations. We provide full solution to our clients include but not limited to: - Conceptual design. - Perspectives. - Preparation of architectural layouts and details. - Detailed Architect plans and specifications. - B.O.Q. - Complete façade design for buildings.

  • Interior design
    AMO & PARTNERS interior design team is using modern and advanced methodologies to create an accurate design with the needed finishes, which joins functionality with beauty. We aim for client’s satisfaction; and that will be reached by combining the client’s needs and taste with the project’s requirements to create the perfect design. Services - Furniture plan - Ceiling plan - Flooring plan - Lighting plan - Elevations - Sections - Materials selection - Furniture selection - Details and specifications With taking into consideration how different colors, textures, furniture, and space work together; to satisfy the client and the project’s needs.

  • Structural Design

    One of our strong hold fields is structural design, we have highly qualified team of structural engineers, we encourage our team to deliver a cost effective design that’s assure the product is well designed with the most value to money structural. When it’s come to specialized structural, road, Train Bridge large spans, AMO associated with SILGA Engineering, a Spanish firm specialized in structural design and consultancies, and they have made several structural designs, solutions and consultancies all around the globe.

  • Our association provides its experience in general civil engineering projects, specialized in structures, which can be classified as

    - Road and railway bridges (including High Speed Rail): All kinds of bridges have been designed: Concrete, Steel, Composite, Timber, Slabs, Boxes, Beams, Arches, Cable, Stayed, Suspension and Footbridges. - Industrial buildings: Water treatment plants, power stations. - Facilities: Underground parking, congress halls, office buildings.

  • Civil

    - Site Survey - Road Design - Complete civil layouts for plant

  • Mechanical

    - Design of HVAC systems - Design of Plumbing system - Design of Swag system - Design of Water Storm drainage System - Design of Fire Detection & Suppression System

  • Electrical

    - Tunnels, ducts, trenches, cable tray layouts for cabling - High, Medium and Low voltage systems - Internal, external lighting - Earthling and lightning protection system - Normal and emergency power supply - MCCs, MDBs design - Fire alarm system, Paging, EPBX, CCTV, access control systems

  • Urban planning

    In regard to Urban Planning AMO possess a wide array of world standard services that fits all governmental and private sectors demands. The services include Regional Planning, Town Planning, Strategic Planning, Urban Space Planning, Structural Planning and Care Planning, Study of different sectors and Geographical Regions.

  • Urban Design

    Beside Urban Planning, AMO has broadened its base of professionalism with additional Urban Design services that includes Urban Space Design, Design and Landscaping, Design of Roads and Paths as well as Sub-Division Planning, Traffic design as well.

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In its continuous pursuit of distinction AMO teams were keen on covering all aspects of project professional requirements. From this point we went deeper in our quest toward accuracy and perfection to deliver our projects with the highest quality locally and regionally alike. To handle any project, we have set a number of office and field practices that ensures complete satisfaction of our growing base of clients. Our wide spectrum of project management cover’s Design Review and Approval, Site Supervision regarding construction, installation, erection, testing and commissioning, implementations, Preparing of Qualification Documents, Engineering Consultancy, Project Monitoring and Control as well as Project Planning and Scheduling. AMO & Partners Engineering Company has a demonstrated track record of successfully delivering projects of all types and sizes. Our approach is based on implementing the best-practices principles. Our PM services include but not limited to:

  • Project management

    Project management

  • Design review and approvals

    Design review and approvals

  • Site supervisory work for construction, erection, testing & commissioning work - Site Engineering consultancies, Multi Disciplines

    Site supervisory work for construction, erection, testing

  • Project monitoring & control

    Project monitoring & control

  • Project planning and scheduling

    Project planning and scheduling

  • Project Execution

    Project Execution

  • Contracts Prequalification Process

    Contracts Prequalification Process











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